• Craig Newnam

    Best Man

    Location: Greensboro, NC

    Years known: 30

    How we met: Uhhh, we won't go there in order to keep this website acceptable for younger viewers.

    Dad owns a material handling business based in Greensboro, NC. He's been married to my wonderful mother for 37 years and whether he claims it or not is half the reason Josh and I are in this world.

    Fun Fact: Seriously - you have to ask him to tell you the joke about the guy who couldn't find the rake...

  • Leah Beam

    Maid of Honor

    Location: Knoxville, TN

    Years known: 24

    How we met: Lyndsey met Leah at the hospital before they even washed her. Lyndsey's reaction? "Mommy you didn't get a very pretty one, can we take her back?"

    Leah is Lyndsey's younger sister and they're pretty much exact opposites.

    Fun Fact: Leah's hobby is riding and showing hunter jumper horses. The "facilities" at her shows usually consist of just porta potties so it's risky business to go on an extremely windy day. On one particular trip, she barely made it out as it swayed around her. Luckily she got out with just some sawdust in her pants rather than something less desirable....

  • Josh Newnam


    Location: Winston-Salem, NC

    Years known: 28

    How we met: I mean duh - I saw the ugly dude when they brought him home from the hospital. In fact, I think I tried to name him "hamburger" since that was my favorite food at the time. I didn't know he came with a tag already...

    Josh is a sales manager for a nationwide fertilizer company based of Raleigh. He is married to a girl named Jenny and lays claim as father to my two favorite girls under age 8 - Emma and Ryleigh

    Fun Fact: When you think back to all the laughter - it seems to run together. I think the funniest thing though is Josh's laugh. Its one of those that once he starts going, there isn't any way you're not going to follow suit.

  • Katie Biggerstaff


    Location: Raleigh, NC

    Years known: 15

    How we met: Katie and Lyndsey met during their awkward years at Avery Middle School.

    Katie loves stars and Willie Nelson. When she puts in her bid to be governor of North Carolina Lyndsey's vote will be one of her first.

    Fun Fact: Katie gets the credit for starting the process of getting Lyndsey to come out of her young and innocent shell. Together they've learned there's a direct correlation between the level of happiness in your life and the amount of silliness you allow into it.....they've done studies grin

  • Brian Mitchell


    Location: Wake Forest, NC

    Years known: 17

    How we met: I met Brian in 7th grade when he moved here from FL. While we were friends in middle school, we became close in high school, playing baseball and causing trouble.

    Brian is a mechanical engineer, has a lovely wife named Kathy, and a beautiful daughter from Ethiopia named Mikayla.

    Fun Fact: My favorites about Brian mostly came from freshman year of college. Whether it was walking chest first into a parking meter, yelling at the Mexicans who were jack-hammering the side of our dorm, or making up new cuss words over math problems - there wasn't a lack of laughter.

  • Nicki Bradley


    Location: Greensboro, NC

    Years known: 9

    How we met: Nicki lived on the floor above Lyndsey in Granville Towers during our freshman year at Carolina.

    Nicki is the fun, flirty one that's always up for a good time.

    Fun Fact: Nicki always has a funny or crazy story to tell. Just ask her what she did last weekend....

  • Chris Smith


    Location: Raleigh, NC

    Years known: 18

    How we met: Chris and Lewis Spivey were best friends that happen to let me hang out with them in 6th grade. Our friendship developed through middle, high school and college. Chris is as trustworthy as they come and has been a great companion over the past years.

    Chris is a Civil Engineer. He married up to this girl named Landis and has a little girl named Sydney and another daughter on the way.

    Fun Fact: Lyndsey saw Chris in the airport as he was coming home and she was leaving for a business trip. I left him a voicemail ribbing him about talking to my girlfriend (at the time) and this is what he responded with: Listen

  • Lindsay Fowler


    Location: Augusta, GA

    Years known: 9

    How we met: Lindsay and Lyndsey met during their freshman year of college at UNC.

    Lindsay is eclectic, crafty and was always the most athletic. She has completed two Ironman triathlons!

    Fun Fact: Lyndsey always found it funny that Lindsay (and Nicki) kept their makeup in full size toolboxes under their beds during college and they weren't ever afraid to sit Lyndsey down and make good use of it.

  • Travis Sutton


    Location: Holly Springs, NC

    Years known: 12

    How we met: I met Travis freshman year of college when we were put into a group together in our E497F class. We were tasked with building a bridge, which Brian built most of over the weekend. Travis showed up and was like, "What the heck guys?" While it wasn't the best of starts, we've become be the best of friends.

    Travis is the IT Director (and a freaking genius) for a software company in Durham. He's married to a girl I went high school with name Katherine and they have a little boy named Jackson.

    Fun Fact: Many of the moments that make me laugh about Travis shouldn't be committed to public memory. However, the man can eat. He's taken on the gallon challenge, demolished an entire tray of Chick-fil-A nuggets, and even taken a bite of a ghost pepper (hottest one known to man).

  • Bethany Owenby


    Location: Cary, NC

    Years known: 4

    How we met: Bethany and Lyndsey met through a mutual friend when they both were looking for roommates in Raleigh. They were great friends from the very beginning!

    Bethany is free spirited and loves the beach. Lyndsey and Bethany have spent many hours shakin' their booties on the dance floor and enjoying a lot of beach music, especially General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board!

    Fun Fact: Just look out for her Perculator on the dance floor at the wedding grin

  • Hunter West

    Ring Bearer

    Location: Oak Island

    Years known: 4

    How we met: Hunter is the son of David and Jennifer West. David and Sam were good friends at NC State and still enjoy hanging out at the beach every summer.

    Hunter is our little country friend that never fails to bring a smile to our faces!

    Fun Fact: This YouTube video says it all... Watch Video

  • Emma Newnam

    Flower Girl

    Location: Winston-Salem, NC

    Years known: 2

    How we met: Emma is one of Sam's two adorable nieces.

    Emma is an independent drama queen, growing into her own little self.

    Fun Fact: This child can give you a face that ranges from "sweet and I'm so glad to see you" to "WTF are you looking at"